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Appended Phone Numbers

The Most Reliable Source of Phone Numbers Available

We maintain the most definitive, authoritative source of telephone numbers available in the phone append industry. Our phone databases are comprised of over 600 million landline and mobile phone numbers; helping you stay connected to your customers, prospects, voters, donors, and more.

Reliably add phone numbers to your customer, donor and prospect lists. Processing files is incredibly easy; simply email or upload your file and we will process, match and append phone numbers in as little as a few minutes. Get started immediately.


Appended Email Addresses

Highest Possible Match Rate

Our email database is comprised of more than 900 million email addresses. Any email that Accurate Append appends or verifies is verified as deliverable in real-time using the latest advancements in SMTP verification.

100% Deliverable – Guaranteed

Don’t waste money on bad data. If you find any hard bounces from an appended address within 30 days of processing, simply send us verification of that bounce and we will refund you for that record!

It is very easy to get your list appended just send us the file and let us know what you want to append. We will then append 100% deliverable email addresses to your list. This is a great way to add value to a list you are marketing to and don’t have the email address.

Accurate email Leads

We can provide you with all kinds of lists that have email addresses. We carry mailing lists of businesses, consumers and a lot more. Whether you are looking for email leads or you have a list that you need emails appended to. We can help you. We look forward to working with you on your next project.



National Change of Address

Over 43 million Americans move each year, which contributes to the declining accuracy of your mailing lists and a major cause of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. National Change of Address processing (NCOA) helps reduce UAA mail by identifying and updating the addresses of people and businesses that have moved.

Let us help you cut the cost of maintaining your lists. Having up to date list is essential to a good campaign. Sending out dated information will cost you money not to mention the time you spent preparing your lists to mail. We can help you with a low cost solution to your list maintained needs. We offer NCOA services with quick turn around and great prices. Contact us to help you clean your database up. It will only take a short amount of time to get this information appended to your list.

Also check out our other appending services. We offer phone append services and email append services. These are also great compliments to your mailing efforts. Reach your clients with upto date information delivered in a timely manner.