New Homeowner Leads

New Home Owner

New homeowner leads are a great target for people who will need a lot of new products.  In fact new homeowners spend about 6 to 8 times more in the first six months than most homeowners do in 2 years! That is why this is a good option to reach people who will need new products.

Our data experts can help you find the most up-to-date new homeowner leads on the market. In fact, you can even have them on a hotline basis where you will receive your new homeowner mailing list when you need it whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

New Mover Leads

Be there first, within 48 hours of connecting their telephone you can be reaching out to these new movers leads offering them your product or service. This is the best way to people who have recently moved.  New movers leads will need a variety of products and services.

Unlike other New Mover Leads our leads allow you more in-depth information to target your mailing to the ideal audience. Select from criteria including age, income, marital status, presence of children, home value, ethnicity and more!