Bankruptcy Leads

Bankruptcy leads updated weekly

Looking for bankruptcy lists? We carry chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy leads filed or discharged. You can choose a date range of the bankruptcy. You can target age, length of residence, homeowner, income, target Hispanics, number of cars in household. Our data comes from multiple sources to include public record. Our Leads update weekly and are some of the freshest bankruptcy leads on the market. The ROI for auto dealers that can work with people in bankruptcy has been off the charts. We know that you will be very happy with this list.

Chapter 7 bankruptcies are people who have filed for bankruptcy but can’t pay back their loans. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are people who have filed for bankruptcy but who have a structured pay back of their loan. We can provide leads that are recently filed or have been discharged. The list is fresh and up to date.

We can upload them into your CRM or send them to you via email. These leads perform very well. In fact we have consistently gotten a 900% ROI with aggressive auto dealers. We have tested every possible list on the market. This list is the best period. In fact this one has out performed our expectations by leaps and bounds. We don’t like to sell leads that are not the best list we can offer. If a lead does not perform well we discontinue it. If we get lots of repeat business from our lists then we know we have a winner. If you are looking for the best bankruptcy list on the market. Then give us a call. You will be glad you did. This data will perform to your expectations.

We offer complete direct mail services and printing to deliver your list in a timely manner. Many auto dealers use our leads to target people for a loan. We target the bankruptcy leads with income levels that the dealership can provide a new loan. This is how the customer is able to qualify for a new loan. This helps the customer rebuild their credit and the dealership sell more cars.

Another lead that might be of interest is you are a mortgage broker or auto dealer is our trigger leads.

If you are looking for the best bankruptcy lead on the market give us a call.