Hispanic Leads

Most Comprehensive Hispanic leads

By applying the latest ethnic identification technology, we have identified close to 10 million Hispanic households in the United States. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. with more than $300 billion in buying power.

This is one of the most comprehensive Hispanic leads in the USA. If you are looking to buy mailing list to market to Hispanic leads are a growing market. Give one of our associates a call to see if we can add value to your marketing. We will be glad to help you figure out your next campaign.

Comprehensive Analysis Process

Mailingedge uses a rule-based system that applies computer rules for first names, surnames, surname prefixes and suffixes, and geographic criteria in a specific order to identify the ethnicity, religion, and language preference of an individual.

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Unlike systems using either exact spelling of surnames, or matching against nationwide lists pre-coded with surnames, Mailingedge uses a comprehensive analysis process that results in both a higher match rate percentage and a higher degree of accuracy, as well as a broader and more precise breakdown of ethnicity/religion/language preference classifications. Competitors may use approaches similar to Mailingedge, or they may use simple geo-coding systems, but their results can never best Mailingedge’s.

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